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Level 3 & 4 Aviation Assessments:
Level 3 & 4 Cadets wrote their aviation assessments on Tuesday, April 10.  For cadets that missed the initial assessment, the make up date is Tuesday, April 17.  Passing the aviation assessment is a requirement to pass your level and as a result be considered for promotion. 
Study guides have been prepared to assist in your studying.  Please see the links below.
Level 3 Aviation Assessment Study Guide
Level 4 Aviation Assessment Study Guide

Fitness Assessment - Tuesday, April 24:
A mandatory fitness assessment will be held on Tuesday, April 24.  Participating in the fitness assessment is a requirement to be considered for promotion to the rank of Corporal or higher. 
Time: 6:45 - 9:00 PM
Location: Building 21 (Located at 17 Wing, you must enter from the Whytewold Rd entrance.  The driver of the vehicle must have photo ID to enter the base)
Dress: Appropriate gym clothes.  You must have a different pair of runners than you wore outside.

Summer Camp Offers:
Congratulations to the following cadets who have been selected for summer camp!  Offers of Participation are due back to the squadron 2 weeks after they are recevied. 
International Air Cadet Exchange (France) - WO2 Pasieczka
Power Pilot Scholarship - WO2 Yoon
Glider Pilot Scholarship - Sgt DJ Kim, Sgt Pasieczka
Aircraft Maintenance - Sgt Gilhooly
Whitehorse Staff Cadet - WO2 Gregoire
Cold Lake Staff Cadet - WO2 Oh, FSgt Rongcal
Quadra Staff Cadet - WO2 Baudry
General Training - LAC Chang, LAC Fischer, LAC Gilhooly, LAC Giwoo Kim, LAC Sophia Lee, LAC Olynik, LAC Sohn
Survival Instructor - Sgt Braun, FCpl Braun, FCpl Dusik
Air Rifle Marksmanship Instructor - FCpl Berman
Advanced Aviation - FCpl Cha, FCpl Dreger, FCpl Stephens
Basic Aviation - Cpl Ediger, Cpl Hwang, Cpl Pauls
Basic Fitness & Sports - Cpl Jaewuk Lee
Basic Survival - Cpl Lewis, Cpl Markmann, Cpl Romero
Basic Aviation Technology & Aerospace - Cpl Khan
Military Band - Basic Musician - Cpl Dusik
Military Band - Advanced Musician - Sgt Croning, Sgt Gayoon Kim

New Cadet Registrations Now being Accepted:
We are looking for youth age 12-18 to join 191 Squadron!  Please come by on a Tuesday night at 6:30 PM for registration information.  We meet at ANAVETS located at 3584 Portage Avenue.  We require government issued ID for the applicant.  Examples of accepted ID include a Canadian Birth Certificate, Canadian Passport, Permanent Resident Card, Canadian Visa, Canadian Study Permit and Manitoba Identification Card. Please contact us for more information.

Receive the Latest Updates and Announcements by joining Remind:
We have started using Remind to share the latest announcements and updates for the squadron.  
Registration is free and you can choose to receive updates via text, email or through the app. 
Join at the following link: https://www.remind.com/join/191rcacs

Post-Secondary Scholarships:
Numerous Post-Secondary Scholarships are available to Air Cadets currently in Grade 12 that will be entering post-secondary education in the Fall of 2018.  Please find the applicaiton forms, deadlines and all other information on the Scholarships Tab.
Any questions can be directed to Capt J Fichtner.

191 RCACS Clothing - Toques and T-Shirts
Toques are available starting Nov 22, Pom Pom and no Pom Pom available for $18.00.  T-shirts now available for purchase for $18.00.  See Parents Association to purchase.  Cheque payable to:  191 Royal Canadian Air Cadets Parents Association.  Cash accepted but good chance there won't be change available.

Optional Activities

Biathlon is now complete for the training year and will resume again in September. 
For more information please contact Capt J Fichtner or Capt A Fichtner.

Marksmanship practices are on Sundays from 1 - 4 PM at ANAVETS.  Dress is appropriate civilian clothes. Marksmanship is open to all cadets.  Cadets will have the opportunity to earn marksmanship shooting levels and a spot on the competition team which will be chosen in January.
For more information, please contact Lt Sul. 

Band practices take place on Sundays from 1 - 4 PM at ANAVETS.  Dress is civlian clothes.  The band program is open to all cadets.
For more information, please contact CI Mar.

Drill Team:
For more information, please contact Lt Penner.

Effective Speaking:
Effective speaking is now complete for the training year and will resume again in September.
For more information please contact CI Mar.

Flag Party:
For more information, please contact Lt Penner.

Ground School:
Ground School is done for this training year and will resume again in September.
From the Ground Up is the textbook that is used.  A copy can be borrowed from the squdron by speaking to Capt J Fichtner.  
Ground school is open to all cadets that are 14 years and older.  Cadets that are younger need to speak to Capt J Fichtner to receive approval to attend.
For more information, please contact Capt J Fichtner.

Duke of Edinburgh Program
Duke of Edinburgh is a fantastic youth program that ties in nicely with the Air Cadet Program.  It is open to cadets aged 14 and older.  Information on the award can be found at the Duke Of Edinburgh - MB website.  If you have any questions or are interested in applying please contact Capt J Fichtner.


Commanding Officer:


Capt Jessica Fichtner
Capt Andrew Fichtner
Capt Brad Penner
Lt David MacDonald
Lt Tyrone Penner
Lt Bailley Strom
Lt Don Sul
2Lt Rebecca Harris
MCpl Tyler Davey
CI Howard Mar
Ms. Elizabeth Shin

191 RCACS Parent Association Executive:

Level Directors:

Chair - Charlene Williams
Vice Chair -Tina Gilhooly
Treasurer - Deidre Carriere
Secretary - Caroline Pasieczka
Level 1 - Aganetha Braun
Level 2 - Dee Dee Lauzon
Level 3 - Rina Falkovich
Level 4 -
Level 5 - Margaret Dusik