Welcome to 191 RCACS

First Night of Cadets:  September 3rd 2019

New Cadet Registrations Will be Accepted on the first night of cadets and any tuesday parade night during the training year:
We are looking for youth age 12-18 to join 191 Squadron!  We meet at ANAVETS located at 3584 Portage Avenue.  We require government issued ID for the applicant.  Examples of accepted ID include a Canadian Birth Certificate, Canadian Passport, Permanent Resident Card, Canadian Visa or Study Permit with Passport of citizenship, Status Card and Manitoba Identification Card. Please contact us for more information.

Receive the Latest Updates and Announcements by joining Remind:
191 RCACS staff and parents association sends out updated through Remind.  
Registration is free and you can choose to receive updates via text, email or through the app.  Please note that as of January 29, 2019, Rogers Wireless no longer supports text updates through Remind.  You can still stay connected by downloading the app or subscribing to email updated. 
Join using the following link: https://www.remind.com/join/191rcacs

Optional Activities

Biathlon will resume again in September where it will be open to all cadets.
For more information please contact Capt J Fichtner or Capt A Fichtner.

Marksmanship will resume this Fall.
For more information, please contact Lt Sul. 

Band practice will start this Fall.
For more information, please contact CI Mar, CI Walker or WO2 Cha.

Drill Team:
Drill team will resume again this Fall. 
For more information, please contact CI Walker.

Effective Speaking:
Effective speaking is done for this training year and will resume again next training year. 
For more information please contact CI Mar.

Flag Party:
For more information or if you are interested in joining the Flag Party, please contact Lt Penner.

Ground School:
Ground school is now complete for the training year.  It will resume again in September 2019. 
For more information, please contact Capt J Fichtner.

Duke of Edinburgh Program
Duke of Edinburgh is a fantastic youth program that ties in nicely with the Air Cadet Program.  It is open to cadets aged 14 and older.  Information on the award can be found at the Duke Of Edinburgh - MB website.  
A summary of what the Duke of Edinburgh Award is and how it fits in with the Air Cadet Program can be found on this brochure
If you have any questions or are interested in applying please contact Capt J Fichtner


Commanding Officer:


Capt David MacDonald
Capt Andrew Fichtner
Capt Jessica Fichtner
Capt Brad Penner
Lt Tyrone Penner
Lt Bailley Strom
Lt Don Sul
Lt Rebecca Harris
Sgt Tyler Davey
CI Howard Mar
CI Elizabeth Shin
CI Tracy Walker

191 RCACS Parent Association Executive:

Level Directors:

Chairperson - Heather Markmann
Vice Chair - Charlene Williams
Treasurer - DeeDee Carriere
Secretary - Caroline Pasieczka
Level 1 - Aganetha Braun
Level 2 - Dee Dee Lauzon
Level 3 - Tahmina Khan
Level 4 - Heather Markmann
Level 5 - Margaret Dusik
Fundraising - Denise Miller