Welcome to 191 RCACS


Dress for the month of September is Summer Dress. 

Annual Validations:
Every year we are required to verify that your personal and medical information is up to date.  Annual Validations were handed out on Tuesday, September 4.  Cadets must return these forms as soon as possible.  Cadets are not allowed to participate in optional activities or weekend activities until the annual validations are returned. 
Cadets will also not be given excused absenses until the annual validations are returned.

Fall Field Exercise - Friday, September 21 - Sunday, September 23:
This is mandatory for all cadets.  Cadets must have their annual validations returned prior to the Field Exercise.
Drop Off: Friday, September 21 @ 6 PM @ Camp Amisk (Map Below)
Pick Up: Sunday, September 23 @ 3:45 PM @ Camp Amisk (Map Below)
Cadets must return the Field Exercise Application form by Tuesday, September 18. The application form can be found HERE.
The Joining Instructions contain very important information for the weekend such as timings and location information, a packing list, a prohibited items list and meidcal information.  The Joining Instructions can be found HERE.
Details on the FTX, including the application form and the Joining Instructions will be handed out on Tuesday, September 11.

Fall Gliding Day #2 - Monday, October 8
The second gliding day will be held on Monday, October 8.  Any cadets that did not attend the first gliding day will have priority.  Any remaining spots can be filled by any cadets.  All cadetes must attend at least one gliding day per training year. 
A list of cadets along with the details for the day will be handed out on Tuesday, September 25.

New Cadet Registrations Now being Accepted:
We are looking for youth age 12-18 to join 191 Squadron!  Please come by on a Tuesday night at 6:30 PM for registration information.  We meet at ANAVETS located at 3584 Portage Avenue.  We require government issued ID for the applicant.  Examples of accepted ID include a Canadian Birth Certificate, Canadian Passport, Permanent Resident Card, Canadian Visa or Study Permit with Passport of citizenship, Status Card and Manitoba Identification Card. Please contact us for more information.

Receive the Latest Updates and Announcements by joining Remind:
We have started using Remind to share the latest announcements and updates for the squadron.  
Registration is free and you can choose to receive updates via text, email or through the app. 
Join at the following link: https://www.remind.com/join/191rcacs

Post-Secondary Scholarships:
Numerous Post-Secondary Scholarships are available to Air Cadets currently in Grade 12 that will be entering post-secondary education in the Fall of 2018.  Please find the applicaiton forms, deadlines and all other information on the Scholarships Tab.
Any questions can be directed to Capt J Fichtner.


Optional Activities

Biathlon takes place on Thursday and Sunday evenings.  Thursday evenings are the running practices and they take place at various parks throughout the city.  Sunday evenings are the shooting practices and take place at ANAVETS.  Cadets have been split up into two sessions for the shooting practices in order to maximize the training value. 
Additionally there are optional practice on Wednesday evenings at the U of M Outdoor Track where we will work with a Speed Training coach.
All timings and details for biathlon practices can be found on the calendar under the Upcoming Events tab.
For more information please contact Capt J Fichtner or Capt A Fichtner.

Marksmanship will begin mid October or early November.
For more information, please contact Lt Sul. 

Band practices will resume in October.
For more information, please contact CI Mar or WO2 Cha.

Drill Team:
We are currently looking for cadet interest in a Drill Team and would like to start practices before the end of 2018. 
For more information, please contact Lt Penner or CV Walker.

Effective Speaking:
Effective speaking will begin in October or November.
For more information please contact CI Mar.

Flag Party:
Flag Party is currently has some open spots and is looking for cadets to fill those spots.
For more information or if you are interested in joining the Flag Party, please contact Lt Penner.

Ground School:
A joint groundschool with squadrons from Winnipeg and the surrounding area is being planned and expected to start in October.  Additionally, 191 RCACS will host review sessions throughout the fall.  Cadets must be a minimum of 14 years old to attend ground school.
For more information, please contact Capt J Fichtner.

Duke of Edinburgh Program
Duke of Edinburgh is a fantastic youth program that ties in nicely with the Air Cadet Program.  It is open to cadets aged 14 and older.  Information on the award can be found at the Duke Of Edinburgh - MB website.  If you have any questions or are interested in applying please contact Capt J Fichtner or WO2 Pasieczka.


Commanding Officer:


Capt Jessica Fichtner
Capt Andrew Fichtner
Capt Brad Penner
Lt David MacDonald
Lt Tyrone Penner
Lt Bailley Strom
Lt Don Sul
Lt Rebecca Harris
Sgt Tyler Davey
CI Howard Mar
Ms. Elizabeth Shin
Ms. Tracy Walker

191 RCACS Parent Association Executive:

Level Directors:

Chair - Vacant
Vice Chair - Charlene Williams
Treasurer - DeeDee Carriere
Secretary - Caroline Pasieczka
Level 1 - Aganetha Braun
Level 2 - Dee Dee Lauzon
Level 3 - Tahmina Khan
Level 4 - Heather Markmann
Level 5 - Margaret Dusik