Important information regarding In-person training


Due to the COVID-19 Situation in Winnipeg and surrounding areas, in person training is postponed until further notice


General Announcements

  1. Music clinics:  if anyone is interested in participating in music clinics this year, the dates will be December 12th and 13th (held virtually of course).  Please either contact email your name, rank, and instrument to before this Saturday at 9pm so you can be registered, indicate in the email it is for music clinics.
  2. Music Level testing: date is November 28th and 29th.    If you are interested in being tested for your music level, email:  your name, rank, and instrument to before this Saturday at 9pm so you can be registered indicate in the email it is for music clinics.

Virtual Training


The majority of virtual training will be conducted using Zoom, please visit google play or the apple store to download the zoom app.  You should not need to create an account, however you will need the app in order to participate in training. If you have not received an invite to join in on the training, please send an email to stating your rank, last name and first name, and your current level.  We will send you the required meeting I.D number and password for your level.  Please note the training schedule can be found on the “Training Schedule” page found under “Cadets” in the 191 website menu.



NEW: Field Training Uniforms (FTU)

This training year, each cadet will be issued an FTU.  The FTU will be the dress of the day and worn for all regular parade nights, and field training exercises (FTX).  The existing cadet uniform will be worn on CO parades and other special occasions as directed by the Officer Staff.  We require each cadet to be measured by a family member and the measurements submitted to the squadron ASAP so that we can place the orders. Instructions describing how to take proper measurements are here.  A form to fill out and record Measurements while your measuring is here.
Click this link to submit your measurements

Additional Tools & Resources

Extranet portal - Cadet Activities

You will find here a list of activities to suggest to your cadets grouped under several themes: healthy living, financial awareness, construction activities, citizenship, cyber & media awareness and Do-It-Yourself activities (DIY).  These are all individual activities and are self-paced.

Extranet portal - Leading Activities

This portal is intended for staff cadets and offers leadership and teaching development activities.

Facebook Page - Cadet Learning / Cadet Learning

This Facebook page is designed to share the latest news on the activities available on extranet and maximize participation. On this page, surveys are also posted online to find out what cadets think about their favourite activities. This page is bilingual.

Throughout the summer, the page will follow cadet summer training as a CTC page would.

The National Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group takes pride in delivering high-quality training and experiences where youth lead youth, and this summer is no different –staff cadets and adult leaders selected for summer training will continue to work at delivering unique and challenging online experiences for our Cadets, in a new virtual environment. These same staff will be responsible for facilitating and following up with cadets during their training.

Dress Regulations:

The latest Dress Regulations are now available HERE.  Have a read through and make sure that your complying with it.

New Cadet Registrations will be accepted on any Tuesday parade night during the training year or via email to 

We are looking for youth age 12-18 to join 191 Squadron!  We meet at ANAVETS located at 3584 Portage Avenue.  We require government issued ID for the applicant.  Examples of accepted ID include a Canadian Birth Certificate, Canadian Passport, Permanent Resident Card, Canadian Visa or Study Permit with Passport of citizenship, Status Card and Manitoba Identification Card. Please contact us for more information.

Optional Activities

Biathlon: For more information about biathlon please contact Capt J Fichtner or Capt A Fichtner.

Band: (postponed until further notice)
Band practices are open to all cadets and take place on Sundays from 2-5 PM at ANAVETS.
For more information, please contact WO2 Cha.

Effective Speaking: (postponed until further notice)

Duke of Edinburgh Program
Duke of Edinburgh is a fantastic youth program that ties in nicely with the Air Cadet Program.  It is open to cadets aged 14 and older.  Information on the award can be found at the Duke Of Edinburgh – MB website.  
A summary of what the Duke of Edinburgh Award is and how it fits in with the Air Cadet Program can be found on this brochure
If you have any questions or are interested in applying please contact Capt J Fichtner

Marksmanship: (postponed until further notice)
Practices are open to all cadets and will take place on Sundays from 1 – 4 PM at ANAVETS.
For more information, please contact Lt Sul and listen to announcements on tuesdays for any cancellations.

Drill Team: (postponed until further notice)
Drill team is open to all cadets and takes place on Sundays from 4 – 6 PM at ANAVETS.
Dress is civilian clothes.  Please bring your parade boots.
For more information, please contact CI Walker.

Flag Party:
For more information or if you are interested in joining the Flag Party, please contact Lt Penner.