Instructor Guides

Please see 758 Argus RCACS website for a complete set of Instructor Guides (IG) and Qualification Standard Plans (QSP). They have it broken up by Level and PO and is an excellent resource. We will work on updating our website to contain some of the larger files.

3IG - Part A
IG - Part B
Good classes are a product of proper planning. If, as an instructor, you aren’t sure what is coming next, the cadets you are teaching are going to feel even more lost; material will surely be missed and the information will come across as disjointed. Creating a good lesson plan is the key to a great class!

The following is a template that you can use for preparing your lessons.

Training Aids/Resources Available

If you would like to request a training aid for your lesson, you must contact Lt Strom no later than the Wednesday prior to your class. Training aids are given out on a first come, first served basis. If you would like a training aid not listed, please contact Lt Strom to see if arrangements can be made.

Drill and Ceremonial
Aviation Maps (VNC, VTA)On Canadian WIngsMarkersLaptop x 2
Canadian Flight Supplement (CFS)Canadian Air Force – 100 Years of FlightPencil CrayonsProjector x 2
From the Ground UpHistorica MinutesConstruction paper / Printer PaperExtension Cords
Aviation Trivia GameHistorica Minutes – Military EditionGlue sticksPSRY Lessons
E6B Flight ComputersTapeMilitary Heritage Resource Kit
Air Command Weather ManualWhite outSpeakers
Assorted Aerospace Composite MaterialsPaper ClipsCadet Fitness Assessment
Cylinder Temperature GaugeGlitter Glue
Fuel GaugePencils / Pens